Vastu Shastra is an ancient science, entirely based on the astrology and Hindu Divinity. Vastu Shastra is grouping of two words Vastu and Shastra.
(Vastu =Dwelling place of humors and Shastra = Science )

Vastu shastra is a Vedic Science which also now as Shilpa Shastra. It’s most important elements are 1. Wind, 2.Water, 3. Fire, 4. Earth, 5. Space (Vaayu, Jal, Agni, Bhumi, aakash).

These Natural forces are keep in their appropriate place, then their will be no disturbance in building, house, room or people who live in them, to recover all round happiness, increase in health, wealth peace and prosperity.

Residential Vastu or Commercial Vastu
• Examine the structure and its position according to Vastu perimeters.
• Examine the number of floors in buildings according to astrology.
• Examine the direction of the building shape and main entrance gate.
• Examine position of electric and electronic instrument.
• Examine direction of eatery and pantry of the building.
• Examine plantation position.
Vastu Residential
Consultation though map – (Reply though e-mail) (Flat or floor) INR 2100 $ 50
Vastu Commercial
Consultation though map – (Reply though e-mail) (Shop, Factory) INR 3100 $ 50
Consultation though – (Site Visit Delhi & NCR only) (Price on request) (Price on request)