Birth Star Report

Birth star report
When moon is positioned at the time of birth it is called Birth star. From astrology point of view, it has a great effect in an individual’s life. The personal nature, the ambition and the behavior depend upon the birth star. A birth star report contains the overall description of the effect and influence of a birth star. Although there are, many confusions regarding a birth star

* What is the significance of birth star?
* What impact birth star has on life?
* is my birth star the cause of all miseries?

A birth star report resolves your doubts and queries pertaining to your real birth star. A birth star reflects the direction in which your mind works. Birth stars are known as Nakshatras in Sanskrit language. The report shed light on the complete overview of your life.
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Present time (dasha analysis) problem with solution INR 1100 $ 25
Five year analysis effect and remedy INR 2100 $ 50
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